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          About Me

A former ballerina of 20-years with a 19-year personal yoga practice, I'm a 200-hr yoga instructor, & Mindfulness Master Practitioner that "accidentally" used yoga, meditation, and journaling as a tool for self-healing. As a Mindful Yoga & Meditation instructor, my goal is to provide clients with tools for self-healing, stress-reduction, clarity of mind, a healthy body, and the tools to enhance their lives all on their own using breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and movement.

There is nothing more empowering

than healing your own stuff.


I believe deeply in everyone's full ability to transform their own mind and body.  You have the ability to unearth your childhood conditioning, heal your personal traumas, recognize & truly feel your self-worth, & become the best version of yourself.  You can BE better, not just feel better; sometimes it just takes the right guidance.  Life doesn't have to feel hard or stressful-that's all a state of mind that you can control.


I found this through personal experience. I used the exact tools I provide in a private session to recover from extreme emotional/ narcissistic abuse (...uhhhh, two of them, actually), depression, insomia, and anxiety. This is the reason I became an instructor - to show others that you can heal yourself - it all starts from the inside. Let me help you get there.

My private Mindful Yoga Healing sessions incorporate discussion, guided journaling, guided breathwork, guided meditation, & utilize multiple forms of yoga asanas (hatha, vinyasa, restorative, & yin), focusing on mindful awareness, proper alignment, and are catered to meet you at your level to give you personalized instruction that will enhance you both physically and mentally. Book online right through the website and we'll start your journey together!


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